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JC Pinkerton (AKA jangeo Pinkerton) is a husband and wife team with the Templar Knight novels. JC Pinkerton has published articles, and short stories. Her work has been seen in newspapers, newsletters, magazines online, and print, and one of her short stories was published in Chicken Soup For The Nurses Soul.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tiana Rogers articles

I've got two of my Tiana Rogers articles up at jangeo.us and hope to get another one up today. Who was Tiana Rogers? Stop by our site and find out!

Templar Knight, Book One: A Witch Spell Excerpt

An excerpt from our book, The Templar Knight, Book One: A Witch Spell, is posted at BewilderingStories.com.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Robert Adam Article

My Robert Adam article is up at jangeo.us. Robert Adam was the creator of Adam furniture, as well as other things. You can read the article here - www.jangeo.us/robertadam.html. Today, I hope to get another article up. The time is flying - I must hurry!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Confederates Come To Lexington!

Dear Diary,

About three weeks ago, I saw the sweetest thing. I’m just now getting time to write about it. I was in Food Lion talking with some kinsmen when two Confederate Generals walked past me. I’m use to this, since I live near an old Civil War town – Lexington, Virginia. A certain feeling surrounded me as if I had stepped back in time. A feeling I get quite often.

The next day, on my way back from Wal-Mart, I saw a group of Confederate soldiers walking north on HWY. 11. They had back packs and looked as if they were heading to a new campsite. Later, someone told me they were marching to New Market, here in Virginia. I get to see sites like this often, living near this little Civil War town (which is actually a small city now).

It does the heart good to see that people still care about their past, and take the time to actually do something about it. I’ve been to lots of re-enactments, and I admire the people who partake of such pleasures. I just had to write it down before it one day slips my mind.

I’ve lots of articles to write concerning Lexington. All I need is the time—and the health.

A Wonderful Blog Site!

Wow! How did I find this amazing blogger? I know how-in my email! I clicked on a link to someone's blog, and found myself here, saying,"this is really neat!" The next thing you know, I'm signed up to blogger.com! I found it by reading my email from Angela Hoy at writersweekly.com. A wonderful website for writers. Thank you Angela for putting this link in your newsletter!